Taurus Protocol is the next generation of Financial technology.

Taurus Protocol is decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). In simple terms, a DAO is an organization that is governed by computer code and programs.

Through the use of smart contracts, a DAO can work with external information and execute commands based on them – all this without any human intervention.

The first smart contract based binary hybrid MLM system of the world with an integrated Reward program and utility coin.

Binary system

The world's first binary Smart Contract Hybrid MLM system in the world.

Smart Contract

100% scam free because nobody decides on your payouts.


Safe Reward Program.

Crypto Coin

A crypto currency with systemic growth


Taurus Protocol Core idea and 3 solutions around it

Taurus Protocol MLM ensures steady growth and high commissions.
The Wire Coin will be made known worldwide via the future exchange.
The Reward program ensures further growth.

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Who is behind the Taurus Protocol Project?

Taurus Protocol is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). In simple terms, a DAO is an organization that is governed by computer code and programs.
Through the use of smart contracts, a DAO can work with external information and execute commands based on them – all this without any human intervention.

What is the difference to other MLM, ROI or Crypto Coins Projects?

Taurus Protocol is a combination of Multi Level Marketing, Reward Program and Crypto Coin. The combination makes us unique on the world market. All three systems interlock and make each other, and thus our users, successful.

How can I register?

You need the "Metamask" wallet to register. You can use your smartphone to download the Metamask Wallet from your Apple Store or Google Playstore. If you want to register from your computer then open the browser extension in Google Chrome and search for "Metamask" and install it.
We have created a quick guide for you for the registration process, please click here to download it and follow the instructions. Quickguide Download here

How are the profits for the reward program generated?

The profits are partly generated from yield farming, multi-level marketing and participation in exchange platforms.

Do I have to do MLM or can I just take part in the Reward Program?

You can also purchase just a Wire Coin package and you automatically take part in the reward program. You automatically receive 0.5% per day.

How does the compensation plan for the MLM works?

You set up 2 sales legs and decide for yourself whether you want to put a new partner in the left or right leg. You get 8% on sales in the lower-selling leg. Matching Bonus:
You receive 5% on the income of your direct partner from the binary system. 3% on their 2nd level and 2% on their 3rd level. Commissions are paid out in real time and processed via the Smart Contract.

Why will the Wire Token increase in value?

The unique combination of MLM, Reward System, and Utility Coin makes it possible!
Every user who buys a Wire Coin Reward package, as well as every partner who actively operates MLM, ensures that the value of the Wire Coin increases as a community member. Whenever 333 wire tokens are bought, the value of the wire token increases by 0.01%. This unique combination ensures the success of the Wire Token.

How does the daily reward Program works?

You will also receive profits without any sales activity. If you buy a package, you will automatically receive 0.5% daily on your Token package.
If you recommend the same or a larger package to someone, you will receive 0.75% daily.
If two people have purchased the same or a larger package on their recommendation, they will receive a 1% daily return.


For years I just ran after the money. After more than 20 years in business I have learned that success comes automatically when you help people to become successful. That's why I put the idea into practice with Taurus Protocol. A system where everyone participates from one another. My favorite quote is:
If you are here for rewards, fame and money, you will ultimately fail. If you are for love, meaning and people, you will ultimately win. Maxime Lagacé

Steven Mitchell
Taurus Protocol Main Creator

After many years in network marketing, I was looking for a new challenge. The problem was that either the payout plan was good but the product was bad. Or that the systems were not designed for the long term. I just haven't found anything where you can earn a lot of money quickly and at the same time in the long term.
A modern system that is attractive to a modern society.
That is the reason why I supported this project as a MLM consultant. Taurus Protocol is unique and in this combination it will surpass all existing projects on the market.

Anjing Yeo
Taurus Protocol MLM Consultant

As the chief Developer, it was important to me to program a system that is completely independent of human intervention. The main focus was on programming a payout system that cannot be stopped by people or companies. With this unique hybrid blockchain-based binary MLM system, every user is protected from human interference and the Taurus Protocol is scam-free.

Michael Chang
Taurus Protocol Chief Developer